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The surface of the fences

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There are various styles for iron fences, ironwork fence surface technology includes spray painting, hot galvanizing, etc. . The surface technology of iron fence of our factory mostly adopts spray painting, hot galvanizing + Spray Molding. Because spray painting will cause the surface of IRON fence to be uneven, and it will last a long time, easy to crack, affect the appearance and service life of iron fence .

Our quality is guaranteed by so many manufacturing process. The powder paint used on the surface of the railings of the ironwork fence is of various colors. The classic surface decoration effects are bronze, red bronze, bronze gold, black gold, bronze gold, white gold, etc. , made of iron fence fence made of simple, elegant, and fashion.

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The surface of the wrought iron fence shall also be pre-treated to remove rust and oil, and increase the absorbability of the powder coating, this iron fence not easy to rust.

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