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The best storage shelves

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Recently, more and more warehouses use storage shelves, no matter what goods are used for storage, warehouse shelves can bring Great Improvement to the operation of the warehouse. It can be said that the shelf is now the market warehouse personnel management and logistics management of the necessary product equipment, then enterprises in custom storage shelf when what factors need to pay attention to. Custom storage shelves, smart fixer on looking for Qingdao Dehong Industry and trade. 

1. The load-bearing capacity of shelves, shelves are mainly used to store goods, so the load-bearing capacity of shelves is very important, generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of shelves is based on the weight of goods stored in the warehouse to decide. Shelf load can not be lower than the type of goods, carrying less then in the future use of the process there will be many safety problems, shelf design to avoid these problems as far as possible. 

2. Shelf size, storage shelf size also needs to be based on the specific storage of goods to determine the size, in general, before the design of a shelf will be some of the basic information of the goods recorded. The goal is to make it easier to design shelves, and only the right size shelves can ensure that goods are stored in a safe environment. In addition to the above two points, the design of the shelves also take into account some commonly used mechanical equipment, such as the use of forklifts to set aside a special channel for forklifts to allow passage. If the use of some automated equipment can avoid a lot of trouble, in fact, the design of storage shelves is a very complex process, there are many factors to consider.




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