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How to select the bunk beds

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Choose the bunk beds should know the following five points:

 1. The top and bottom frame is made of Q235A grade steel and galvanized steel pipe. 

 2. The rust-proof effect can be achieved by removing rust, oil and phosphating process on the surface of double-layer iron bed. 

 3. The surface of the iron bed is made by powder coating process. The iron bed produced by our company is certified for environmental protection, so it is guaranteed in environmental protection. 

 4. The structure of the bunk bed mainly consists of a screw-solid type and a straight-inserted type. A screw-solid type is the use of screws and nuts to strengthen the connection between the headstock and the bed frame. A straight-inserted type is a square slot installed at the headstock, a square post is arranged on the bedstead post, and the installation can be completed by inserting the square post into the square slot. 

 5. The classification of double-layer iron bed can be divided into angle iron bed, round pipe iron bed and square pipe iron bed.  




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