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Customized the storage basket

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Storage basket is a common household goods, widely used in clothing, toys and other storage. There are iron receiving basket, cloth receiving basket, weaving receiving basket, etc. , Qingdao Dehong Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd. . Professional iron products production for 16 years, undertake iron receiving basket skeleton custom, wholesale business.


The storage box is made up of Oxford cloth and folding steel frame. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. It can store clothes and quilt. The storage box can be quickly propped up or folded by folding steel frame. When not in use, the storage box can be folded up to save space.


Combined with non-woven bag and Oxford bag, Tsingdao Dehong Industry and Trade Iron Art Storage basket actual measured thickness, do not take down the difference, welding firm, not easy to take off welding. The surface is sprayed with lead-free powder, safe and environmental protection, strong adhesion, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, smooth and non-sticking. Using solid 304 material rivet than iron rivet, 202 material rivet quality is better, more firm.




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