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Custom the metal works

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Qingdao Dehong Industry and trade Co,. Ltd is a professional facotory, which can custom all the fences,gates and other metal products.  Meet the needs of customers' styles, size, materials requirements. We can deliver to customers directly, reduce the intermediate cost. The product quality is very good, praised by customers in native and abroad. The fences and the gates can be matched, and the design style is consistent. We custom all the products with exquisite workmanship, making them more pleasing in appearance. After several years of positive development, Qingdao Dehong Industry and trade has now established and perfected a series of scientific production and management models, supplying fences and guardrails all the year round, distributing products to users mainly through land transportation, with fast delivery, many varieties, and excellent quality, low Price, complete source of goods and other advantages.

If you want to custom you fences and gates,please contact Qingdao Dehong .




Qingdao Dehong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  is a professional steel work factory, it’s Founded in June 2004, focused on the iron gate, iron fence, iron fence, iron home decoration products, and other iron accessories;




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