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Advantage of the wrought iron fences

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Our fences are designing european-style and manual forging process, but also according to the specific needs of customers .   

Our company undertakes construction, villas, plant, residential homes,  courtyards, gardens and other aspects of business .We can also accept customization or sample order.

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Our factory is specialized in manufacturing gates,fences,railings. They are with great making process,lasting long time for surface.

Fence Materical: We choose is the current national standard Q-235 steel. It is the best steel in terms of durability, safety and low temperature resistance. Our products are based on the specific needs of customers, fully achieve a high degree of safety and aesthetic unity. The combination of modern shot blasting process with excellent rust removal effect and galvanized anti-rust treatment process combined with modern spray molding process makes the product strongly adhere to the surface of the product and greatly enhance the anti-rust effect of the product, the product brightness, color and texture achieved a very good strengthening effect.

Excellent anti-rust and paint technology greatly extended the product service life, the product durable. The modern technology of cold welding, ARGON ARC welding and carbon dioxide shielded welding ensures the safety and beauty of the products.

According to customer demand design-communication Confirmation design-selection-lofting-blanking-manual forging-welding assembly-grinding-welding cleaning-whole hot dip galvanized-finish grinding-spray paint-inspection-installation-finished product protection measures.

Qingdao Dehong Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd. is a 16-year operation of excellent quality enterprises with a strong design team, manufacturing plants and maintenance service staff with a stable customer base and supply channels, the healthy and steady development of enterprises. Steel fences is one of the main products of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd. . It has been well received by customers and partners due to its mature design of retro and Modern Technology.



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